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Hall, Huxley but also, Thompson, Nkansah-Butah, Young, Ulrich, Sarreal, Stevic, Troy, Wright, Walker/s, Martin and Jordan & our computer

Stuart Hall’s ([1973], 2012) theory of Encoding and Decoding has informed my thinking on the expansive ways we exchange knowledge, not least through visual media, see Decoding _w: Stuart Hall video below, where I discuss his theory in his living room. Trying to conceptualize education in a succinct thought is like trying to find a needle […]

Vilhauer’s book on Gadamer’s Ethics of Play: participatory learning?
Vilhauer’s book on Gadamer’s Ethics of Play: participatory learning?

‘When one accomplishes the task of becoming “caught up” in the performance [or work of art], one reaches a state of… “being outside oneself”… [which] in a very basic way means opening yourself up to something “other” than yourself and allowing it to affect you.’ —–Monica Vilhauer’s book on Gadamer’s Ethics of Play, p39 The […]

When Harry Wed Meghan

My race blog for inclusive teaching and learning follows an instagrammatic entry, meaning that I’ll use a visually coherent piece of photography to make my point: I want to attach my thoughts to Hooks’ Critical Race Theory, presented and discussed by Evans, Finnigan and Richards (2018). If we deconstruct the image below, we can draw several conclusions, […]


Steve Cross, BA Media and Culture Studies Unit personal essay assignment, part of the Travelling Cultures case study post on the UAL Religious Literacy blog considers the global context and points to an interconnectivity in exploring cultural identities, in the overview the text states ‘these include considerations of the complex interrelationship between culture and identity […]

Universities And Their Function, Whitehead, 1929
Universities And Their Function, Whitehead, 1929

‘Imagination is a contagious disease. It cannot be measured by the yard, or weighed by the pound, and then delivered to the students by members of the faculty. It can only be communicated by a faculty whose members themselves wear their learning with imagination. In saying this, I am only repeating one of the oldest of […]


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie thoughtscape, ‘The Danger of the Single Story’ will be my point of entry into unpacking some of my thinking on the arguments circling gender. It’s increasingly apparent that we’re living plural worlds as we move through the first semester of the 18th year of the 21c.  There are cultural changes happening in […]


Today is technical induction on the PG cert course, I’m fairly excited about advancing my skills in the area of knowledge exchange. Quite keen to learn the methodologies needed to share information with students.  Particularly interested to work within the context of widening participation, the university’s initiative that opens up the discourse to the understanding […]

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