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Vilhauer’s book on Gadamer’s Ethics of Play: participatory learning?

‘When one accomplishes the task of becoming “caught up” in the performance [or work of art], one reaches a state of… “being outside oneself”… [which] in a very basic way means opening yourself up to something “other” than yourself and allowing it to affect you.’ —–Monica Vilhauer’s book on Gadamer’s Ethics of Play, p39

The text above lends itself to understanding the disjunction between Piaget’s cognitive constructivism and Vygotsky’s social constructivism in as much as each player is physically interacting outside of their heads, into a type of social environment.

Jordan’s thoughts on the matter taken from her seminar notes speak of participation and visual representation, ‘These kinds of games can help your students to consider their participation…As well as provide a visual representation”.  Which left me thinking about participating in games, and the dynamics of group interaction. The game demonstration made me think about my practice as a filmmaker and tutor, and perhaps how certain films such as documentaries are intrinsically participatory vehicles, and participation reduces an uneven environment of superior teacher vs students at the bottom – this also take into account a democratic will Vygotsky’s refers in building his argument for  social constructivism.

I would be keen to introduce the oculus and the VR experience as a method of getting students engaged with topical issues and particular discourse, including the practice of filmmaking itself.

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