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When Harry Wed Meghan

My race blog for inclusive teaching and learning follows an instagrammatic entry, meaning that I’ll use a visually coherent piece of photography to make my point: I want to attach my thoughts to Hooks’ Critical Race Theory, presented and discussed by Evans, Finnigan and Richards (2018). If we deconstruct the image below, we can draw several conclusions, however, for this

I’m interrogating the we; and the evolution of humanity as we battle with many differences, including race. I want to posit the multiple layers of race which is at the intersection of, complexion, hair, style, size, mannerism, politics and social class, if we think about how this pluralism is perceived negatively and positively by dominant players in society. Actors largely from outside one’s community, but also those from within, and this has a historical timeline, not least the house slave versus the field slave. However, as my work is about capturing the immediate, and making even the urbanscape.  I want to share a fresh piece of work, When Harry Wed Meghan, a piece, I’m still trying to unpack, my immersion into the crowd that came in their thousands, people of all races but predominantly the white race, more than any anti-war protest, and I’ve been to some, to see ‘When Harry Wed Megan’, the red-headed royal prince getting married to an African American, mix race, light skin woman, with a mother wearing locks in the backdrop. This is happening at the same time and in the same era of all the hate against others and blacks who are so-called classless. You can say class trumps race? This image can be used to reference a shift in thinking, and a statement that humanity is open to a change in attitude. I’ve decidedly gone with the positive outcome and how their marriage was nation building and that this event sets a basis for institutions across society, and I’m purposely not attaching a critical argument about the process of how the public grappled with accepting a black woman by following the moment they got engaged as a timeline. In terms of pedagogy, in teaching inclusively my objective is to exchange knowledge in an equitable manner through honest and nuanced reflections as they play out.

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  1. Hi Dionne,

    Your blog post by pointing out the positives made me think about Dido Elizabeth Bell and the impact she most probably had in the changing of slavery laws in the UK…We can only hope that the new duchess of Sussex will contribute in challenging attitudes. The audience filmed in your video is indeed very white, I wonder if the black community will be more present at the next royal event if it was to increasingly identify with the royalty. Representation might be key but I also find your comment about class trumping race very relevant.

    Could you please explain to me what you are referring to by “the hate against the others and the blacks so-called classless”? I think I am missing a part of your argument. Thank you!

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