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Steve Cross, BA Media and Culture Studies Unit personal essay assignment, part of the Travelling Cultures case study post on the UAL Religious Literacy blog considers the global context and points to an interconnectivity in exploring cultural identities, in the overview the text states ‘these include considerations of the complex interrelationship between culture and identity […]


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie thoughtscape, ‘The Danger of the Single Story’ will be my point of entry into unpacking some of my thinking on the arguments circling gender. It’s increasingly apparent that we’re living plural worlds as we move through the first semester of the 18th year of the 21c.¬† There are cultural changes happening in […]


Today is technical induction on the PG cert course, I’m fairly excited about advancing my skills in the area of knowledge exchange. Quite keen to learn the methodologies needed to share information with students. ¬†Particularly interested to work within the context of widening participation, the university’s initiative that opens up the discourse to the understanding […]

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